Candidate Referrals

Signing bonus for all candidate referrals

We provide a signing bonus on all candidate referrals

We will provide $500 referral fee for each successful signed candidates.

An employee referral is when a candidate is referred to a job opening, be that via an existing employee in the company or someone in that candidate’s network.

We are always looking for quality talent to join our hardworking team! If you know anyone that would be a great fit feel free to refer them to us.


Eligibility Details

The Referral Program applies to any employee who refers a qualified candidate to Codestage.

If Codestage decides to hire your referred candidate you will be paid the specified referal bonus so long as the candidate remains employed until the discussed time length.

This referral bonus will be paid only for candidate who have no previous contact with the Company.


The referral bonus will be paid to the employee after the referred candidate’s qualification period (as discussed).

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